Our Services

Our top expertise is mobile repair. We do it all, whether it’s touch repair, screen repair, mic problems, charging problems or complex mother board problems. We use spare parts of high quality. Here, you will get the list of services we provide:-

Screen Repair

Repair of the mobile screen at your doorstep. All repairs to our mobile screen at an affordable price. We provide the same day service. We use genuine parts and give rates that are reasonable. Now our specialist technicians are enjoying mobile phone screen replacement at your home or office.

Battery Replacement

On-site replacement of portable battery at your doorstep. we provide the best battery replacement services at very reasonable price. Our technicians are expert to replace battery within few minutes. We always use genuine parts and give rate that are discounted. Enjoy mobile battery replacement by our expert technicians at your work space or residence. 

Mic Repair

Here, you will get the on-site Mic Repair services. If you find any problem in your mobile mic then you can feel comfortable to contact us anytime. Our highly skilled service technicians would be happy to repair your mobile mic. 


Replacement of the mobile receiver at your doorstep. All repairs to our mobile receiver also comes at an affordable price. Our expert technicians are able to replace your mobile receiver within few minutes that helps to save your time and travel expense.

Charging Jack Service

DEVICECURE is an innovative service provider that simplifies portable repairs. You will get the highest reference for your cell phone maintenance if you have any problems with your mobile charging jack. Our technicians are coming to your door to operate on and also repair the Charging Jack.

Mobile Speaker Repair

If you have any issue with your mobile phone speaker then you can also contact us. Our technicians are able to fix mobile speaker problem within few minutes at your doorstep.

Software Issue

The most significant things about your mobile phone is it’s operating system that sometimes causes trouble too. Maintaining it up to date is what it requires when it’s get complicated and sure we could do that to much for you and we can fix your mobile software issue at your doorstep.

Network Problem

If you have any network problem with your mobile phone we would get your mobile phone to work as good as new in very few moment. Here we will help you to fix and resolve your mobile device networks.

Virus Removal

There are many distinct kinds of viruses, malware and spyware, now days that have troubled the net that often have an impact on your mobile phone. If your device suffer with any kind of virus we will help you to remove it 

Mother Board Problem

A mother board is a very significant element of a mobile which has other small and significant part attached to it. There are many issue with the mother board that can be experienced in everyday use. If you find any problem related to your mobile mother boards than you can contact us we will assist you to fix your problem.